About Us

Pilates Center of Rockville offers a uniquely transformative experience. We empower people to improve their health, fitness and well-being through our integrated approach to movement and exercise. All of our Pilates teachers are Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified. We are movement specialists who are highly skilled, classically trained and qualified to work with a full range of clients. Check out our customized programs for Total Body Conditioning, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation, Athletic Conditioning, and our Pink Ribbon Program for breast cancer survivors. We take an individualized approach with each client, and pride ourselves on having the professional expertise to help anyone who walks through our doors.

At Pilates Center of Rockville, our expert teachers go beyond teaching exercises. We give you an education in body awareness that allows you to engage your muscles properly and deeply. We correct bad habits, such as overuse of neck, shoulder and low back muscles. With our knowledge, guidance and support, you will get the full benefit of your Pilates practice. Our studio is equipped with every piece of classical Pilates equipment. We offer Private lessons and over 25 weekly group classes on mat and equipment, including the Reformer, Tower and Chair. We invite you to visit our studio. You will love the friendly and communal environment, small class sizes, calm energy, and the care and expertise of our teachers.